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Eric T Burton – Clean Up Your Diets

eric t burton

Eric T Burton is the health and fitness trainer who is handling number of clients in Dallas region. Eric T Burton believes daily exercise is important but what you are eating throughout the day is equally important. Here he is sharing tips, how can you clean up your diet:

  • Portion Control

Oversized portions are among the most common problems with the average patient’s diet. Educate yourself on the recommended serving sizes of the foods that you eat, and then calculate how much you eat without limiting yourself. Often, people eat two, three or even four servings of a food in a single meal.

If you don’t want to weigh or measure portions, judge your meal by whether it can fit in two cupped palms. Non-starchy fruits, berries and non-starchy vegetables are exempt from this rule, allowing you to fill up on healthy foods when you’re still hungry.

  • Eliminate Processed Foods

Most people know that they need to eat less sugars and fats, but struggle because they continue to buy processed foods. Eliminating processed foods solves this problem and gives you a better idea of what you are putting in your body. Food companies include sugars, fats, additives and filler ingredients that are associated with obesity and other conditions related to poor diet.

When you do eat processed foods, opt for organic brands with fewer than five ingredients.

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