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Eric T Burton: Start Surfing Today

Eric T Burton is a personal trainer who has lived on the west coast as well as the east coast of the United States. Eric T Burton have huge love for sports and whenever he is on one of the coasts, and the weather is nice, he enjoys surfing. He loves to stay active and to have fun with friends and colleagues. Surfing is a great sport for people who love the ocean.

The first step in learning how to surf is to work with an instructor. You will spend your class time on the beach, and your instructor will show you how to paddle and how to stand up on your board. Your instructor can help you learn about safety precautions as well. After you complete a certain amount of time with your instructor on dry land, you can move to the water.

Your instructor may have you stay in the shallow part of the water while you learn how to balance on your surfboard. Once you become more comfortable, you may be able to go out and tackle a small wave. Becoming a great surfer takes years of practice. You will spend a lot of time falling off of your board before you learn how to coast along the waves. Eric T Burton is a passionate fitness professional who loves to go surfing when he has the chance. He is an active adult who takes every opportunity to have fun.

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Posted in Eric T Burton, fitness training

Eric T Burton: Importance of Warming up before Exercise

Being a professional trainer, Eric T Burton encouraged its trainee’s to do warm up before any exercise. Eric T Burton strongly believe warming up before you embark on any exercise is important for a lot of reasons. It raises your heart rate, thus increasing blood flow to the joints and muscles. Mentally, the warm up session gets you in the zone, ready and focused for what is to come. Just as you rev the engine of your car before driving, warming up loosens the body, thus reducing the chances of injury.


Warm up and stretching

A good warm up session can take between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on the level of intensity of the exercise. After you’ve warmed up, your body temperature is bound to increase. At this point, you want to get into some stretching exercises.

Stretching is designed to loosen up the muscles and joints, which allows them to move quickly and flexibly. Going into a workout without stretching can cause injury to your joints since they are not flexible enough to move and rotate as you would want them to.

In the zone

Mentally, warming up sends signals to the rest of the body to get ready. If you are engaging in strenuous exercise, like heavy lifting or an intense aerobic session, then you shouldn’t ignore warming up.

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